Of Masters and Their Slaves

"It only stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master." ―Ayn Rand

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The extremist anti-Semitic Khomeinist mullah Zaki Baqri EXPOSED!

According to Zaki Baqri's website, his "credentials are quite impressive, but what gives him a special place in [the Toronto, Ontario, Khomeinist] community is his unique awareness of both the eastern and western cultures along with their value system." Hence, Zaki understands that no one will arrest or even question him when he "bravely" shouts "Death to Zionism" at Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, California; however his violent announcement might make him look sort of courageous (falsely of course) in the eyes of the naive and very simple. In the meantime, we can congratulate his eminence Allamah Hojat-ul-Islam Hajji Syed Mohammed Zaki Baqri, who lives off donations (he is yet another Khums collector who does not have to find a corporate job and work with non-Muslims), for getting his excited fans and fired-up followers on the terrorist watchlists!

Click on the snake to learn more about Zaki Baqri!


  1. Zaki Baqri enjoys shouting "Death to Zionism" at places like Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA Mosque) of San Jose, California, and the Council of Islamic Guidance of Toronto, Canada. As Zaki makes such violent calls in peaceful countries, he gets his followers on the terrorists watch lists! Beware of such fanatics who live off donations and never have to work...

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